Burlington Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic Audiology Department

Our goal at Burlington Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic Audiology is to enhance and maintain the quality of life for our patients through hearing loss prevention, evaluation and rehabilitation. We combine the newest technology in hearing aids with an unparalleled commitment to customer service.

Audiology Services

Burlington Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic Audiology is a full-service audiology clinic offering a full range of hearing loss services including comprehensive hearing evaluations. We also provide hearing aid needs including fitting and dispensing supplies and batteries. We make custom ear plugs for swimming and noise reduction.

Carly Williams, Au.D., CCC-A  is excited to help you enjoy optimal hearing. To help you feel more at home, we have included photographs of our physicians and audiologists so that you see familiar faces when you visit us for the first time. Burlington Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic Audiology is a locally owned company eager to help you hear better today! When you visit our office expect to see the same smiling faces eager to help make you feel right at home!

Dr. Williams is highly experienced in a wide variety of audiological services, including basic and advanced audiological test procedures and hearing aid fittings for adults and children. Attuned to the latest advances and products, we are prepared to offer the best new equipment and technology.

Burlington Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic Audiology specializes in evaluating and treating individuals with hearing loss and offers a full range of audiological services. It is estimated that nearly 30 million Americans have some degree of hearing loss. For many people, hearing loss goes unnoticed, as it occurs so gradually that they do not recognize the problem; they only notice that they have a harder time paying attention to conversations, hearing the television or picking a friend’s voice out in a crowded room.


  • Misunderstand conversations, especially in crowded areas
  • Turn the television or radio up so loud that it disturbs others
  • Hear better in one ear than the other
  • Feel that people speak too softly or mumble when they talk to you
  • Ask people to repeat what they said
  • Experience difficulty talking on the phone
  • Find it difficult to hear the door bell or telephone ring
  • Experience ringing or buzzing in the ears 

Choosing a hearing professional is one of the most important decisions a hearing impaired person can make. Since a hearing aid cannot be prescribed like eye glasses, proper hearing aid recommendation and fitting is highly dependent on the judgment and skill of the professional selecting the instrument. We test your hearing, select and dispense the hearing instrument best suited to your needs in addition to, providing support, counseling and service of the hearing system. We are concerned about the person and make hearing recommendations to fit your lifestyle and personal needs.


Basic and Comprehensive Hearing Evaluation

Evaluation of hearing consists of a battery of several individual tests. These tests are used to determine if a patient has normal hearing or evidence of a hearing loss. The use of multiple tests allows for the quantification of the type and degree of hearing impairment. The battery includes pure and warbled tone audiometry, bone conduction audiometry, speech reception thresholds and determination of speech discrimination.

Impedence Audiometry

This involves the use of an instrument to measure the motion and integrity of the eardrum. It also allows us to determine the presence or absence of fluid in the middle ear and to measure the pressures in the middle ears relative to the environment. Additionally, the instrument can be used to determine if the muscles and reflexes of the ear are functioning properly.

Electronystagmography (ENG)

ENG consists of a series of tests used to determine the cause of dizziness and vertigo. It involves several tests which measure the motion of the eyes relative to one another, and additional tests which objectively measure the function of the balance organs. Along with a physical examination and hearing tests, this may help us to locate the source of a patient’s balance disturbance.

Hearing Aid Evaluation and Dispensing

Patients with moderate to severe hearing impairment are often candidates for hearing aids. Burlington Ear, Nose and Throat, P.C. has multiple brands of hearing aids available, offering optimum choice in fitting for each patient. Our Audiologists will evaluate the patient’s hearing loss and make a recommendation for the best device. Impressions for ear molds are made in the office, and minor adjustments to the devices can often be performed here as well. All patients are given a 30 day trial period with the devices so that they may determine if they are satisfied with their purchase.

Hearing aid companies that we utilize include: Phonak, Oticon, Starkey, Unitron, Siemens, Sonic Inovations and Resound.

BAHA (Bone Anchored Hearing Aid)

As an alternative to traditional amplification, the BAHA is appropriate for patients where the middle ear is blocked or damaged, or when one ear does not function. Instead of sending sound through the damaged area, the BAHA sends it directly through the bone, stimulating the inner ear. Our physicians, Dr. Henrich and Dr. Berge, along with our audiologist, Carly Williams, Au.D., CCC-A  will be able to evaluate your particular hearing loss and determine if the BAHA is an option for you.


Burlington Ear, Nose and Throat  Clinic, P.C. is proud to offer the latest advancement in hearing technology. The Earlens device turns sound into light, allowing for a broader frequency range of sound. If you feel your current hearing devices aren’t giving you the clarity you need, Earlens may be the right device for you. Watch the  video below or call our office for more information. 

Burlington Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic Audiology is committed to providing the most comprehensive audiology services to patients in a prompt and courteous manner. We are dedicated to providing you the latest technology and caring personal assistance. We hope you find this site informative and helpful.