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Evaluation and management of inhalational and food allergies are essential components of an effective Otolaryngology practice. Approximately seventeen percent (17%) of the US population has symptomatic inhalational allergies (hay fever), and many of these patients come under the care of an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor. Allergic rhinitis accounts for billions of healthcare dollar expenditures, and it may be an underlying cause for sinusitis and other conditions.

At Burlington Ear, Nose and Throat, P.C., we offer full diagnostic and therapeutic allergy services. Our allergy technicians are available during all office hours, and we make every attempt to accommodate the needs and schedules of our patients. We offer skin endpoint titration (SET), IgE RAST testing, delayed mold studies and IgG food sensitivity assays. Desensitization is initially performed in our office at the patient’s convenience.



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